Talk about profiles of complaints (or complainers?) using a funnel model

Some ideas for archetypes:

  • Builder (falls off after 4 but not all the way)
  • Malcontent (falls off after 2)
  • Martyr (never falls off, burns out)
  • Delegator, but a funnier word that makes fun of them, for people who fall off 100% after 4.
  • Sam (0% falloff 2-3)
  • Prioritizer (falls off heavily 1-2, low falloff afterward)


  1. I see there’s a problem
  2. I say “there’s a problem!”
  3. I understand enough to give context on the problem (impact, causes)
  4. I can describe a solution
  5. I’m gonna solve it

People who fall off heavily mainly at 2-3 are the people who are a huge energy sink. They constantly point out problems with no followthrough even on context Obviously everyone should fall off 4-5 because your personal bandwidth is limited You want minimal fall-off through 2-3-4